Forex Code Guard

Protect your Metatrader indicators and expert advisors
from decompilation, and sell them with secure licensing

Everyone loves Metatrader, but there are two well-known commercial problems with its indicators and expert advisors:

  • EX4 files can be freely copied from one computer to another
  • EX4 files can easily be decompiled back into MQ4 code files
  • The result: your robot or indicator is exposed to piracy, sharing, and poking.

In other words: there's no reliable way of protecting your files so that people can't make unauthorised copies of them, and anyone can poke around inside them to discover the secret of your calculations. Any licensing which you do try to build in can be turned off simply by decompiling the EX4 file. Moreover, many customers nowdays abuse your refund policy by asking for a refund and then continuing to use the product.

Forex Code Guard - the solution!

Forex Code Guard solves all these problems:

  • It protects your indicators and expert advisors against decompilation
  • It licenses EX4 files so that they stop working if they're copied to a new computer
  • You can terminate a customer's license once they ask for a refund (can be done automatically in batch mode)

Forex Code Guard also addresses another very important issue:

  • It caters for time-limited licences - vital for selling your indicators or expert advisors on a subscription basis

Forex Code Guard is revolutionizing the industry by eliminating robot piracy and customers who abuse refunds. You win from both ends: your sales increase because people realize they can only purchase your robot directly from you, not being able to download it for free from piracy sites, and your refund rates will plummet, eliminating all abusers.

Protect expert advisors AND indicators

Forex Code Guard protects any EX4 file - not just expert advisors, but indicators as well.

For the first time, Metatrader developers can license and sell indicators, allowing their clients to choose how to trade the signals, rather than having to package up the indicator as an expert advisor and lock it away behind a hosting solution.